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A hub for your group to connect on social media

SyncLink streamlines the way your student org members follow each other on social media.


By creating your own community, you can share one profile with your group to connect with others on multiple social media sites at once.

Expand your social circle

Make it easier for your friends to follow you on your social media sites

Customize what you share

Personalize what social media sites you share with anybody


Discover social media sites that you didn't even know your friends had

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A couple of college students bringing together other college students across America.

Having been in a lot of student organizations ourselves, we know how hard it can be to get everyone connected across social media sites. We've seen excel spreadsheets, Facebook posts, and even paper lists to organize this mayhem.

That's why we created SyncLink. We wanted to streamline the process of connecting friends on social media within a group! It's super easy. All you do is create your community on SyncLink, and connect with the friends within.